Coltelli AcuoKnife - tagliati per la cucina


The Acuo Knife collection combines exclusive design, cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship, in an innovative expression of Italian creativeness.

Acuo Knife is a combination of wood and steel, aesthetics and functionality, elegance and robustness. The resulting knives, chopping boards, blocks and wall racks embellish any kitchen and are extremely practical and safe thanks to their unique features.

The entire Acuo Knife collection features two patented systems that make the implements reliable and functional, guaranteeing comfort and hygiene in all conditions.

One patent covers a snap mechanism that joins the handle and case perfectly, ensuring maximum safety.
To release the knife, merely apply slight pressure - it is accurately calibrated to prevent accidental opening.

The other patent involves the inside of the case, where the blade sits in a plastic holder that has a dual function – it protects the wood from being damaged by the blade and allows easy cleaning as it can be removed and cleaned in a dishwasher.

All the stainless steel blades (Carving, Ham and Bread knives) are specially treated to enhance their resistance and ability to remain sharp. Steel and solid wood blend harmoniously in this highly-resistant implement.

Besides being extremely practical, Acuo Knife is extremely stylish with its smooth rounded shapes and special manufacture of the handle and case, which are made from a single piece of wood. This means the grain follows its natural course and makes this guaranteed handcrafted item truly unique and prestigious.




Thanks to the patented snap mechanism, the knife remains firmly enclosed in its case until required for use, making it extra safe and convenient to use.




The patented system refers to an inside plastic holder that can be removed with the key provided. The holder, which is dishwasher safe, allows the knife to be placed back in the case even when not perfectly clean, a guarantee of hygiene and comfort.




Acuo Knife’s smooth shape provides new tactile and visual sensations, thanks to a special process that renders the wood soft and silky and gives it an extremely elegant appearance.